Basic Salafi Terms and Definitions

Below is the core of the Salafi Islamist belief. It is very informative. No prerequisites. No further reading is required. Recommended by all Saudi universities, Al-Azhar of Egypt and Taliban. It is the Islamic holy grail, passed on generation after generation. One single god and one single tutorial.
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Upon completing this short tutorial you will be qualified to become a true salafi. You just have to go to the nearest mosque so some goat-fucker sheikh can conduct an official sermon of initiation, and that is it. Congratulation! You are now an official salafi ready to be sent to Syria, Iraq or any other hot zone. Pray to Allah that your turn to explode yourself will come soon so you can join the eternal brothel of paradise with the 72 virgins eager to meet you.
You are also welcomed to visit the white house and meet with terrorist Barack Obama (hopefully before he heaves the office) and drink a glass of camel urine with his advisor, the terrorist propagandist Dalia Mogahed.
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The following definitions were posted - in Arabic - by Abdoullah Ali from Randa Al-Sayyed account.
Abdoullah Ali is a Syrian writer and expert on the Islamic terrorism.

Definition. Man:
It is that thing around the male genitalia.

Definition. Woman:
It is that thing around the female genitalia.

Definition. House:
A structure that surrounds the bedroom.

Definition. Neighborhood:
A group of houses that surround the structure around the bedroom.

Definition. City:
A group of houses that surround the houses around the structure with the bedroom.

Definition. Marriage:
It is the legal (complies with the Sharia) fucking.

Definition. Adultery:
It is the illegal (doesn't comply with the Sharia) fucking.

Definition. Family:
An organization that consists of a Fucker, a Fucked and a bunch of little Fucking-Products.

Definition. Brain:
An endocrine gland attached to the genitalia. It is merely responsible for releasing hormones.

Definition. Heart:
It is the organ that pumps blood into the genitalia and thus makes the fucking possible.

Definition. Earth:
A place for temporal fucking.

Definition. Paradise:
A place for eternal fucking.

Definition. Medicine:
The science that handles stuff like Fucking and Sexual Dysfunction. It defines the necessary procedures to get someone (or something) to fuck. (I edited this definition a little bit)

Definition. Economy:
It defines the mechanisms required to get money for fucking.

Definition. Philosophy:
I fuck, therefor I am.
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