Syria | Aleppo : The Worst Media Misleading In History

As a Syrian, I stood against this so-called "Revolution" from the very beginning. I can't stand with a revolution that is led by sheikhs, dominated by brainwashed religiously-motivated fanatics and funded by foreign monarchies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar that quite literally know nothing about democracy, freedom or human rights. Of course the Arabs of the gulf have a lot of oil and the western governments keep flattering them (It is actually a mutual flattery). This gave them some privilege to push their Islamic retarded agenda on the expense of the Syrian people. Oman may be the only exception among the gulf states, since Oman chose to remain neutral, and I respect that.

The total defeat of the terrorist groups in eastern Aleppo united the Islamic and western media again in one disgusting hypocrisy-show. They are literary crying for the terrorists in Aleppo and reporting about massacres that never happened, while the people of Aleppo are in the streets celebrating their freedom after more than four years under the knife and sharia.

It is the typical way the mainstream media does its reporting on hot zones such as Aleppo, where the regime-change agenda and petrodollars are above all Journalism ethics. It is the same recipe used over and over again, fed to the same audience over and over again, to achieve the same goals over and over again.
  • A few lies. Recommended shops: German Media.
  • Some bullshit. Recommended shops: Al-Jazeera.
  • 100 ml of crocodile tears. Recommended shops: CNN. Ask for Kate Bolduan, she is an expert in this field.
This is all what you need. Heat the mixture up to 40 degree then serve it to the millions around the world who would gladly swallow it! No question asked. No need to use that tiny brain in the head. As you know, the human body evolved over millions of years and the evolution is by no means a perfect process. It left us with many unnecessary organs, the brain is one of them.
If you are interested in a MSM reporting tutorial, this video is definitely for you: 

Make no mistake... The liars who work for the mainstream media won't admit it and feel even a little bit ashamed. They will lie until receiving a heavy blow to the head. Take for instance this shameless Kristoffer Rønneberg from the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. He was acting smartass and not expecting a thing. After an influx of facts delivered nicely by the independent Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett, he was knocked out. He may feel dizzy for a few days, I hope it is permanent. 

In the past few days, the social media accounts working for the terrorist groups around the globe posted dozens of photos claiming to be related to massacres committed by the Syrian army and its allies in eastern Aleppo.
Thanks to Mr. Google and his intelligent algorithms you can now find almost anything that was published in the past. The google Images Service will come in handy when exposing lies such as using old photos to cover current events, or using photos from one place to cover events in another.

I'm not talking about normal people who are posting fake photos, although there are so many of these. However I'm referring to journalists who are working for the mainstream media.
One of them is the terrorist Ahmad Zaidan, one of Bin Laden's closest friends, of course that was before the latter ended up among the sharks 😎
Ahmad Zaidan is a journalist who works for Al-Jazeera. He has been responsible for the Syrian affairs Since the beginning of the crisis in mid March 2011. This appointment shouldn't come as a surprise since he has strong ties with Al-Qaeda and all its groups including Al-Nusra Front (or Jabhat Fateh al-Sham). Last year he was given the ultimate "honor" to hold an interview with its leader, the terrorist Abu Mohammad al-Julani.

As the media hysteria about Aleppo erupted, Ahmad Zaidan joined the hordes posting frequently (more than before) some Islamic-related trash on his verified Twitter and Facebook accounts. Yes, there are terrorists on Facebook and Twitter with verified accounts. Facebook blocked my account many times, more than I can remember, each time for one post that criticizes the Islamic teachings. I never insulted them in those posts, I just brought the disasters mentioned in their own holy books. There is a huge Islamic horde on Facebook and Twitter with thousands of pages that promote only hatred and terrorism.

With the wave of the Fake Final Messages From Aleppo click and the mainstream media campaign to draw the dark picture of the end of days in Aleppo, Ahmad Zaidan picked something from the archives. It was a photo that has all the necessary elements: Fire, wreckage, damaged buildings and people walking on rubble. Ahmad Zaidan didn't forget to accompany the photo with some humanitarian and Islamic spices as usual followed by the hashtag: #AleppoWins. The photo however dates back to 09.February.2015, it was posted by Reuters claiming to be the aftermath of an airstrike in the city of Douma near Damascus (According to activists).

Ahmad Zaidan Original Post (Click the photo to view it)
Ahmad Zaidan Original Post (Click the photo to view the post)
Moving down in his timeline, it turned out that Ahmad Zaidan has joined the Aleppo's party earlier. The choice this time was a photo from Iraq, a massacre committed by his brothers in ISIS against the Iraqi people. It dates back to September 2014.
He captioned the photo: "Mass-Executions committed by the Russians and their sectarian tails in Aleppo". Yes he called us "Sectarian" and "tails". It is so pathetic when AlQaeda terrorists accuse their enemies of being sectarians and tails!
Ahmad Zaidan Original Post (Click the photo to view the post)
Ahmad Zaidan Original Post (Click the photo to view the post)

Since there are a lot of fake photos, I will divide the material among two articles. So far two photos were refuted, the rest will be the subject of the next article