Syria | Dozens Of Fake Photos About Eastern Aleppo

As the tragedy of Aleppo was coming closer to an end with the Syrian army and its allies advancing to liberate the remaining terrorist-held regions in eastern Aleppo, the internet was plagued with dozens of fake photos claimed to show atrocities committed by the Syrian army and its allies against the civilians in the newly-liberated parts of the city. In my previous article I tried to give the reader an idea about the real situation in Aleppo and how the shameless mainstream media did its best to delude the public opinion worldwide.
While the western mainstream media ruminated its lies citing some vague reports and twitter accounts without providing any valid evidence about mass-shootings or executions, others posted fake photos like Al-Jazeera journalist and Bin Laden's buddy Ahmad Zaidan did. On his verified Facebook account, terrorist Ahmad Zaidan posted a lot of status updates full of Islamic crap similar to those you would find on the Facebook page of any hatred sheikh. He also posted two fake photos that were soon debunked as illustrated in the previous article.
However terrorist Ahmad Zaidan wasn't the only journalist in this conduct, he may stand out because of his role in Al-Jazeera, but there is nothing easier than making a lie in the Arab and Islamic communities. Almost everything in these communities is a lie: Religion, History, Politics, Journalism, Morals, etc... It is true that the Arab and Muslim governments crack down on free speech and monitor everything that can be monitored, however the door is open and any lowlife son of bitch is gladly welcomed to give some shitty opinion against the Syrian army or even make an anti-Alawite statement, such as calling for a genocide against the Alawites.
Al-Jazeera-TV host Faisal Al-Qassem (a newly-converted to Sunni Islam, he also grew a beard) called for a genocide against the Alawites
Following are examples of fake photos posted about Aleppo. Since all of these photos are debunked, one or two had the courage to apologize and remove their photos (not the right apology though), others just removed them silently and the rest kept them proudly like Bin Laden's buddy mentioned above (at least until this very moment). I can't waste time debunking photos posted by low-profile liars and believe me they are so many. The Islamic horde is getting larger day after day. In this article I will concentrate on the fake photos posted by two high-profile liars.

Always keep in mind: Those who defend a righteous cause won't need to lie and fabricate.

Dima Sadek, a Lebanese news anchor. She works for LBC, a Lebanese-based TV-Channel funded by Saudi Arabia. Dima Sadek opens every time with some compassionate stuff expressing solidarity with the terrorist groups in Syria. As the latest hysteria about Aleppo erupted, Dima Sadek decided to do more and please the goat-fuckers of Saudi Arabia who pay her salary. She posted a photo on her Facebook page, but the photo turned out to be fake. She removed it after an influx of shaming comments stormed the page. She then posted a status update in which she made something looked like an apology, but in fact it is not because whores will be always whores. Those who get their funding from Saudi Arabia should be always referred to as Whores.
 Snapshot of Dima Sadek "Apology". Click the photo to see the original post on Facebook
Snapshot of Dima Sadek "Apology". Click the photo to see the original post on Facebook
In the "apology" status update she wrote that she posted a photo by mistake, the photo wasn't from Aleppo and she removed it with an "apology".
By mistake! She now calls it "a mistake" because it was debunked, otherwise she would be very proud of that photo and it will serve the propaganda of her Saudi-funded channel. Of course she never verified the photo before posting it. Why bother!
She then changes the subject and moves back to the same issue claiming that there are really massacres committed by the Syrian army in Aleppo and of course she mentioned Omran, the propaganda child. She didn't bother to mention Abdullah, the Palestinian child whose throat was cut by her beloved CIA-trained FSA moderate beheaders.
Dima Sadek posted a photo of a survivor at the site of the bomb blast that targeted the former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto. Since she removed it, I can't show you her original post, only the apology.

The photo of the propaganda-child Omran went viral because the motherfuckers have allied themselves with the goat-fuckers. The motherfuckers would be those who lead the western governments and their media, the goat-fuckers are the camel-urine drinkers of the gulf as you know in addition to all those who follow their heinous belief and carry out their agenda outside the shitty peninsula, like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Free Syrian Army, Taliban, Shabab, etc... (A long list and none represents Islam, God forbid).
It is a sacred alliance that you should never criticize. The Europeans come to Syria and lecture us about democracy, freedom and human rights, while they keep strong relationships with the devil's asshole named "Saudi Arabia", the center of terrorism and the worst in history when it comes to oppression, women abuse and religious intolerance. The German chancellor opens her mouth so wide when criticizing the Syrian government, but she sends tanks and other military equipment to the terrorist gulf states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Money talks.

The way the western media reported about the propaganda-child Omran and the slaughter of the Palestinian child Abdullah is so disgusting. Following is a video that gives some details about that outrageous coverage.

Now let us move to another photo, the photo this time is still there (for now). It was posted by the Kuwaiti goat-fucker named "Tareq Al-Suwaidan". He is an Islamic scholar and hatred preacher. According to Wikipedia he has a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering (They provided three links as reference: two are broken while the third refers to an article on MEMRI website). Let us suppose that Wikipedia is a reliable information source, which is not, I wonder how he got his Ph.D. May be he bought it the same way the Saudis for instance bought their seat in the UN human rights council (this is merely an inference 😎) or the Qataris bribed the FIFA. The academic work requires accuracy. You can't claim anything, you have to provide the reference. If your work long enough it becomes a habit to demand the reference. But why would anybody leave the Academic sector to become an Islamic preacher! Why bother and spend a few years searching! It is so easy to become an Islamic preacher. You have to know something about camel-urine, adult breast feeding, fucking anything with holes and Jihad (AKA terrorism) and you are all set. There are million of idiots who would follow you. How do you think all these terrorist organizations in the Islamic world appeared! In every Sunni community around the world there is at least one terrorist group! You make the conclusion whether terrorism has a religion or not.
 Click to see the original post. It is a snapshot of another post that used the photo
Click to see the original post. It is a snapshot of another post that used the photo
On his verified Facebook page Al-Suwaidan posted a photo and captioned it:
Not only the photos of those who died are painful, sometimes the photos of those who are still alive hurt more.
A girl from Aleppo fleeing from death and running among the dead.

It is utterly disgusting to see that the Facebook page of this goat fucker has about 8.5 million likes!
All the comments I read on the photo except the first one, came from brainwashed Islamic scums.
Of course the photo has nothing to do with Aleppo, it was taken from the Official Music Video of the Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji (move to 3:45). The song itself is about the current events in the middle east. It describes the so-called "Arab Spring" to be bloody, sectarian and barbarian, not the revolution people dreamed of. Under this link there is a report about the release of the video with a set of photos taken from it, including one similar to that used for Aleppo.
Look at the amount of shares, impressions and comments regarding the photo on Al-Suwaidan's Facebook page. This is just a tiny group from the Islamic horde on Facebook I keep talking about.

Even if you saw some fresh photos that have not been shared elsewhere, think it over. It is so easy to produce such photos nowadays, it is a risk-free investment that can bring a lot of money. Take for instance this simple recipe. All you need is a boy and a few slaughtered chickens. Leave some blood on the floor and put a few stains on the face and body of the boy then let him lie there. It is important to mention that the victim is a Syrian Sunni child (not Yemeni, many of them are Shia Muslims, be careful) and You could claim the next war photography award. Al-Jazeera and the hordes of Facebook and Twitter will guarantee that.
I am not claiming that this is a clean war and no civilian casualties ever occurred, but it is not a policy of the Syrian army to target the civilians. On the contrary, the Syrian army does its best to spare the civilian lives. It is essential here to note that the so-called " Moderate Rebels" use the civilians especially children as human shields. Children have been always their main investment in the campaign of lies and blood started six years ago. Watch this video and judge for yourself:

In a related story, the Egyptian Ministry of internal affairs arrested a bunch of men and one woman who were using two kids near a destroyed building in order to fabricate bloody scenes about Aleppo. The building was against regulations near the Suez Canal.
Although the war in Aleppo at the time of the incident was over, but some fresh and new scenes won't harm! Six years of lies aren't enough. Here is a link to the statement of the ministry on its official Facebook page (with all photos).
Fake photo made in Egypt
What happened in Aleppo is quite simple. The swift and sudden victory of the Syrian army was like a blow to the head of all anti-Syria fuck-buddies. They literally lost their minds. They thought that by launching this new campaign of lies they can impose a ceasefire with the help of the U.S. and other terrorism sponsors, as they did frequently every time the Syrian army was on the move to free the city of Aleppo. This time nothing worked. It is done. Swallow it goat-fuckers with a huge cup of your official Islamist drink Mr. Salty Camel-Urine.

The Russian air force and their supporting teams played an essential role in this victory. The Russians literally saved Syria and prevented a genocide against the Alawites. Back in 2015 before the Russian direct help, most likely we were going to lose the war. The Alawite community in Syria suffered huge losses in the ongoing war. It is no big secret that the Alawites are the main group fighting Al-Qaeda and its sisters in Syria. While this war on the Syrian level is not a civil war, but on the regional scale it is a war between the Alawites and the Sunni world represented by Turkey (Resurrected Ottomans who want to finish the task of annihilating the Alawites) and the gulf (Wahhabis). And of course uncle Sam with his tails in Europe are there to fuel this old conflict and make the best of it.
Many Sunnis in Syria joined the terrorist groups, a majority just waited to see who will win. A few Sunnis (a few compared to the total Sunni population) chose to fight with the Syrian army and support the Syrian state, they were mostly from the city of Aleppo. Do I blame those Sunnis who chose to wait. I wouldn't. I would rather blame the Syrian government for its stupidity and insufficiency. The government appeared weak and hesitant. In many occasions the Syrians lost all hope, and don't even mention the corruption which is nowadays worse than ever.
However Sunni Muslims must admit that they have a serious problem. The Sunni religious legacy made them susceptible to be easily recruited by any bearded clown. It has become some sort of a global threat, Sunnis coming from all over the world to join Daesh (ISIS) and similar groups in Syria and Iraq. In Syria it is a Jihad against the Alawites, in Iraq it is a jihad against the Shia, and let us not forget how such madness started by the U.S. in Afghanistan in the eighties. It was then a global jihad against the communism. Top American officials were involved in the Jihadi movement at that time, as they are today in Syria. But the problem lies within Sunni Islam. You may be shocked to learn that even idiots from Palestine joined the Jihad in Afghanistan as if their land needs none to fight for it. ISIS and dozens of Sunni terrorist groups didn't come suddenly from Mars, they came from the Sunni legacy. It also important to note that the Sunni terrorism is much older than the Wahhabism. Its roots go deep in the Islamic history (there will be a few posts about this issue later). I am not clamming that other beliefs are OK but they managed somehow to keep their problems local and none turned into a global threat. I see no Buddhist, Christian or Shia exploding himself among the civilians, I see only Sunni Muslims.

The war on the ground couldn't be won without Hezbollah of Lebanon and the Iraqi groups that fought side by side with the Syrian army and gave a lot of blood on this land.
The role of the Shia Muslims in the war against the Islamic terrorism (which is a Sunni-based ideology as mentioned above) can't be ignored. A pat on the shoulder is not enough. The Shia Muslims are the main force fighting against ISIS in Iraq, they are also helping the Syrians, and with all due respect dear fellows in the Lebanese army, without Hezbollah Lebanon would have fallen long time ago in the hands of ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

As George Carlin said: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
There is a huge Islamic horde on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They will do their best to silence you. I receive dozens of threats everyday on both YouTube and Facebook. Some devoted Muslims even promised to cut my throat if they captured me. While YouTube sanctioned my channel, it never gives a damn about such threats. The situation on Facebook is not better with Mark Zuckerberg even participated in the hypocrisy show and posted some stuff defending the alleged religion of Peace. My personal Facebook profile is now banned from doing anything. I actually stopped counting how many times it was banned, just because the horde reported some comment I wrote.

To be continued...