Syria | Fadwa Soliman - Just another Loser in the Opposition

Fadwa Soliman introduces herself as an opponent who represents the Alawites, however the Alawites refuse this and don't accept her as their representative. She literary has zero support among the Alawites, not even her family supports her. The Muslim brotherhood chose her for PR. But we all know how the Muslim brotherhood and Muslims in general regard the Alawites, just infidels whose blood, flesh and money are spoils of war.

There will be more about this issue in the coming posts.

She appeared on several TV channels (mostly Islamic Wahhabi channels) and urged the Alawites to support the so-called "Syrian Revolution", as if she doesn't know how the Islamists condone so easily killing the Alawites.
Fadwa Soliman with the Official Terrorists Flag behind her
 Take a look at the history of Syria. Do you know that in Syria there was a famous saying:

This is so easy, it is even easier than killing an Alawite in the market

You should also take a look at the social media accounts of the Syrian opposition to see how they despise the Alawites and non-Muslims in general.
Fadwa Suleiman was born in Tartous, however we saw her joining the hordes and maniacs of the so-called "Syrian revolution" in the city of Homs, where she appeared beside the terrorist Abdul Baset Al-Sarout putting a blue veil on her head and enjoying the shouts of "Allah Akbar ", the same shouts that usually accompany cutting the throats of the Alawites.

YouTube Screen Shot: Fadwa Soliman with Terrorist terrorist Abdul Baset Al-Sarout
She addressed the hordes of Homs praising their courage, urging them for more! Yes, all this happened in the city of Homs, where the Syrian opposition conducted a religious cleansing against the Alawites and Christians. You may have read about the interview the German magazine "Der Spiegel" held with a Sunni terrorist from the city of Homs. He was a member in a brigade specialized in executing the Alawites by cutting their throats. Der Spiegel interviewed the terrorist while he was receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon. Tripoli of Lebanon - don't confuse it with Tripoli of Libya - as you may know is a Sunni stronghold where you can see AlQaeda flags everywhere.
Fadwa Soliman introduces herself as a Syrian actor; to be honest with you I never saw here in any important role play, and believe me I used to be a fan of the Syrian drama and many of its success stories, that was of course before the gulf money came in and produced many shitty retarded series such as Bab Al-Hara and similar crap, series mainly stress the pivot role of Islam in the Syrian society and promote stuff like women abuse and even terrorism. Of course she may have appeared in some series which I didn't watch, but she was never a star. You can't compare her with other Syrian Alawite actresses like Suzan Najm Aldeen, who was the leading actress in many famous Syrian series.

In this video you hear Fadwa's brother denouncing what she is doing:
(The video is translated. Just press the cc button on the player. You can see how here).

To oppose the corruption, demand more freedom and expose the mistakes of your government. That is something good and needed, but to stand with a bunch of terrorists has only one name: Treason.
The hordes of the mosques won't bring you freedom, they will only bring Sharia and destruction.

Fadwa Soliman is a loser who seeks to be a celebrity and the crisis was an opportunity. Also Qatar and Saudi Arabia were there to pay as much as any traitor wants. The traitors as you know will seek asylum in the enemy's land. Fadwa Soliman is not the first one to do that and definitely she won't be the last.

It looks like that treason nowadays has become a point of view in my country.